Pangu 10 Jailbreak download status for iPhone, iPod and iPad

iOS 10 was announced yesterday (13th of june) on the WWDC 2016 to the public. This a whole new software update for apple users. iOS 10 is not only come with new set of features for the users but also a very suitable user interface changes for easy usage for day today use. The funny thing about the apple new latest features is, the newly released features were present in the Jailbreak community from long time. So for many of the apple users they are not new features. In this article we are going to discuss about the possibilities of iOS 10 Jailbreak with Pangu 10 Jailbreak tool.

pangu ios 10 jailbreak

With the release of iOS 10 we know that many of the apple users are waiting for the iOS 10 jailbreak. So in this article we are going to discuss about the current iOS 10 jailbreak status with Pangu 10 Jailbreak tool.

Pangu 10 Jailbreak

pangu 10

Pangu is a china based Team of jailbreakers who released free jailbreak tools for the jailbreak community. They were the only team who was able to release iOS 9 jailbreak. Currently the latest tool they have is Pangu 9.1. So Pangu is the only team that we can keep hope on iOS 10 Jailbreak.

Current Jailbreak Status

Currently no one is announced about the iOS 10 Jailbreak. Still we have the Pangu 9.1 jailbreak tool for iOS 9.1 jailbreak. We have the news that latest iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 9.3.2 is jailbroken by a h*cker named Luca Todesco. But he is not releasing it to the public. So we can’t keep hopes on that guy. So we have to still believe in Pangu Team.

Final words

At this moment still there is no Pangu 10 jailbreak tool is available. As iOS 10 was released yesterday and we are too early to find to Pangu 10 Jailbreak for iOS 10. Still pangu team is not able to release pangu 9.3.3 tool and pangu 9.3.2 . But as they were the leading jailbreakers in iOS 9 we can keep hope on Pangu 10 Jailbreak and also some times they will skip Pangu 9.3.2 and Pangu 9.3.3 Jailbreak. And also for now still no one is announced about iOS 10 jailbreak. So beware of fake jailbreak news and fake iOS 10 Jailbreak tools. As soon as we got the Pangu 10 jailbreak news we are updating it on our site, so keep in touch with us for the real Pangu 10 Jailbreak.

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