Pangu iOS 11.4, 11.4.1, 11.4.2 Jailbreak with Cydia Download for iOS 11.4!

The recently released iOS 11.4 update is another major update from Apple Inc with many and many more new features and bug fixes. Most of the promised features that Apple forgot to bring with their early updates are in this iOS 11.4 release. The most awaited messages in iCloud, AirPlay 2 features are visible in this new iOS update. In another couple of months, Apple will surely bring the iOS 12 with a new look and enhanced functionality. But still, iOS 11.4 release is very important for those who fed up with earlier bugs of the device. There are a number of different jailbreak teams. Out of them, Pangu has got a good name because of its trusted, well secured and easy to use JB tools. That is why you too are here searching for Pangu iOS 11.4 jailbreak.

pangu ios 11.4 jailbreak

What is Pangu iOS 11.4 jailbreak?

Jailbreak is not a new term anymore. It is because jailbreak and smartphone have the same history which has a kind of good interaction in between them. Jailbreak is the removal of restrictions imposed by Apple Inc over its iDevices. Apple releases each and every new update with the added security to the prevailing iOS. Therefore day by day challenge to the jailbreak community becomes higher and higher. The iOS 11.4 has also released with more security fixes. Still, any hint has not been given by Pangu over the Pangu iOS 11.4 jailbreak. Even they are still silent about the earlier iOS 11 updates. Therefore still we cannot predict the early release of Pangu iOS 11.4 jailbreak. However, we are going to let you know about Pangu online jailbreak process to download Cydia. This is the best alternative method to download Cydia through online semi jailbreak process.

Jailbreak iOS 11.4 through Pangu online jailbreak process.

  1. 👈Visit this link through the default Safari Web Browser of your iOS running device.
  2. The next step is the device capability checking step. Here the iOS version and the device will be detected by this tool.
  3. Then tap on the appeared “Start” button. This will proceed the Pangu iOS 11.4 jailbreak process.
  4. Later, click on the “ADD TO HOME SCREEN” option and then on “Install” option.

You can confirm the Pangu iOS 11.4 jailbreak and Cydia installation by checking the availability of Cydia icon on the Home Screen of the device.

ios 11.4 update

Pangu iOS 11.4 jailbreak status

As we all know Electra and LiberiOS jailbreaks are out for iOS 11.0 to 11.1.2. The talk began with the demo of iOS 11 jailbreak. After that different jailbreak teams such as Keenlab, Alibaba, Coolstar came up with many jailbreak tool releases. Some of them are just limited to demonstrations and some of them are proper working ones. But Pangu is still silent. They haven’t even given a hint to produce one such tool. We cannot assume yet, that they are not concentrating towards these iOS 11 updates. Till then, better to do Pangu iOS 11.4 jailbreak via the aforementioned online jailbreak process.